The Photographer You Like

The Photographer You Like

What’s the biggest challenge in finding a photographer?  For the uninitiated in the photographic world it can be difficult to discern one guy with a camera from the next.  This was best illustrated to me when I was in college: a studio-owning professors explained that the most common question they got out of the gate when speaking to a potential client was, ” … how much is an 8×10?”  Do they really care?  No.  They just don’t know what else to ask.

Here’s the thing: it’s not a simple answer.  Everyone has a different aesthetic and what works for Suzy may be awful for Tom.  I’d recommend starting by looking for a photographer who specializes in what you need done ( and if that seems obvious it’s because it is ).  That being said, it’s not just as simple as ” oh I need baby photos lets look up baby photographers, throw their names in a hat and just pick one.”  Your ideal photographer has produced images that you like.  How they got those images is irrelevant – you’ll find that out when you show up.

Our culture has never been more inundated with imagery, and yet the people producing it are still a mystery to most folks.  For headshots, I recommend going with a photographer whose prior work you like.  All you have to do at that point is show up and let him or her do their thing.  Ideally you’ll like this person after spending a minimal amount of time with them – this is important.  You’re not going to look happy, comfortable, confident, or competent if you don’t ( after all, they have to elicit this response from you and they aren’t going to be able to do that if you’re creeped out or don’t trust them ).

It sounds simple, but go with the photographer you like.


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