Step Up Your Real Estate Marketing Game with Instagram Reels

Step Up Your Real Estate Marketing Game with Instagram Reels

We’re sure you haven’t missed the surge in popularity of short, snappy videos on Instagram and Facebook. Zuckerberg knows best and he knows that video content outperforms pictures every time, no contest. We’re catching up with Zuckerberg as our understanding of social media algorithms gets better every day. So, what do we do with this newfound knowledge? Flex it on camera with Instagram Reels!

Today’s digital landscape is increasingly saturated with information and images. It’s more challenging than ever for real estate agents to stand out from the crowd. Many focus on content that makes it easy for viewers to scroll past – images – rather than content that grabs attention – video. This is where the powerful algorithm comes in.

The Power of Video in Personal Branding

It’s a known fact that social media algorithms (the formulas behind who sees what content) prioritize the content that captures and keeps the most attention. The impact of video content is backed by numbers. Last year, Reels accounted for 20% of what people viewed on Instagram. No wonder why advertisers are clamoring to get their foot in the door and their videos on your feed.

“But I’m not a major brand vying for Gen Z attention – why should I hop on this bandwagon,” you might ask. Video content allows you to demonstrate your knowledge, build trust, and connect with your audience on a deeper level than with images alone. That is an incredibly potent tool for personal branding. Posting content that viewers connect with on the correct platforms is key to generating the reactions you want: comments and shares!

Why Instagram Reels?

Instagram’s answer to video superstar Tik Tok, Reels are a powerful tool for agents seeking to add a dynamic element to their marketing strategy. Why is Instagram the best place to be posting video content? Instagram prioritizes Reels in favor of images, so posting this type of content leads to increased discoverability, more engagement, and a better connection with audiences new and old.  

Real estate agents have plenty of value to share online, from behind-the-scenes videos to home-buying tips to client testimonials. Reels are an engaging way to share that niche expertise to be discovered by new audiences, like first-time home buyers for example. And because this type of content is favored by the algorithm, your odds of being discovered are higher than ever. This leads to more engagement overall. Those sought-after comments and shares are within your grasp!

Tip: Facebook and Instagram support cross-posted content! Post your videos on both platforms to maximize engagement.

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Video content, and particularly Instagram Reels, has emerged as a game-changing tool that real estate agents can no longer afford to overlook. From highlighting fun features of your listings to connecting with new audiences, Reels provides a variety of opportunities to elevate your marketing.

Start experimenting with video, be creative, and have fun! Remember, if you need professional assistance to bring your vision to life, the team at Lightshed Photography Studio is just a call away. With our industry-leading services, we can help you navigate the world of real estate videography from idea generation, to content planning, to filming and more.

Have a project that requires professional media services? A listing that needs photos ASAP? We’d love to earn your business! Reach out to (978) 854-5348 or email info@lightshedphoto.com.

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