Real Friends Don’t Help You Move Furniture

Real Friends Don’t Help You Move Furniture

Don’t get me wrong – Kendra and I have been extremely lucky: we’ve had a solid group of people on deck for all of the five personal and two business moves we’ve made in the past ten years (one of our friends even made it happen with pneumonia ).  But honestly – who likes moving furniture around; never mind between separate residences!

The good news is that now we can help the realtors we partner with: introducing digital staging.  No more scrambling to get that right set of furniture into your space to help highlight your property; we’ll Photoshop that for you.  And maybe you’re phenomenal at what you do but aren’t so sure on the style side – no worries.  We’ve got options from modern to classic to Scandinavian to refined.

Have a stubborn listing that needs that little something extra?  Give us a call at 978-854-5348.


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