Professional Headshots in Salem, MA

Professional Headshots in Salem, MA

One Hundred Dollar Headshots at Lightshed

January 13th and 19th, and February 17th and 28th

3 Ways to Maximize your Branding Budget

In our digital-first world, your headshot is your handshake. It is the centerpiece of your brand and should fully reflect your persona. Getting polished, professional headshots doesn’t have to break the bank. In this post, we’re diving into how you can elevate your image with a $100 Headshot at Lightshed Photography Studio, taking place on four dates in January and February this year. Let’s explore how to maximize your branding budget with a professional headshot.  

1. Take Advantage of Savings

Lightshed Photography Studio offers headshots year-round, but there is one time of year to maximize your branding budget. Each year, Lightshed hosts multiple opportunities to save 50% on headshots. This is a valuable opportunity to keep your branding up to date each year.

Affordability doesn’t mean cutting corners on quality. A professional, in-studio headshot is a polished way to represent your brand and these budget-friendly headshots will still make a striking impression.

$100 Headshots aren’t just for saving money – it is a smart investment in yourself and your brand! A $100 headshot is a small investment that can lead to big returns, like making the right impressions and sparking new career adventures. Your new headshot is waiting to update your brand.

2. Update Your Brand

Enhance your digital footprint with a professional headshot displayed prominently online. Your website, your email signature, your LinkedIn profile, and more are all waiting for you to utilize your headshot across all platforms.

One investment in your headshot can strengthen your brand’s look. Get the most out of your investment by creating a strong brand online. 


3. Go Beyond the Basic

Go beyond the basic white backdrop look with the upgrade options available at Lightshed’s $100 Headshot events. Upgrade to the Essential or Brand Builder package for unmatched savings on retouched images. Each package has 50% savings built in to maximize your budget. With up to 10 retouched images delivered and a variety of sets available, you can refresh your entire online presence with one smart investment.

Woman poses for headshot at desk with laptop.

High quality, customizable, and versatile – booking a $100 Headshot at Lightshed Photography Studio is a savvy business move. Take advantage of the rare opportunity to update your headshot at a 50% discount, then spring into action to refresh your brand on all platforms. Maximize your branding budget even further with the upgrade packages available during Lightshed’s $100 Headshot events. Tailor your session to suit your unique style, ensuring your brand shines in every context. Make your mark with an affordable professional headshot that opens doors and leaves a lasting impression.  

Join us on January 13th, January 19th, February 17th, or February 28th, 2023 to save 50% on your headshot.
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