Nutritional Know-How with Ryann Collins of Nourish RX

Nutritional Know-How with Ryann Collins of Nourish RX

Ryann Collins stopped by last week with the rest of the ladies of Nourish, RX to update their branding!  Not just your typical Nutrionist, Ryann is licensed as a CEDRD ( Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietician ).  From Nourish RX’s website:

As founder and owner of NourishRx, Ryann is passionate about eating well, living well and helping others do the same. Ryann’s philosophy revolves around not getting caught up in the number on the scale, rather becoming more in tune with your body, being able to enjoy foods of all kinds and empowering yourself to make balanced eating a priority in your life. Ryann helps her clients find balancebetween the foods they eat and their busy lives. Her approach looks at the big picture – work, family, activity – delivering a total body approach to optimal nutritional health. Ryann seeks sustainable results for her clients, not a quick fix. She provides her clients with the support and guidance they need to become experts in their own nutritional needs.

To learn more about Ryann and her practice, check out: http://www.nourishrx.com/



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