Lightshed Photography Studio | Wedding Photographer: North Shore, MA – Sabrina & Jose’s Story

Lightshed Photography Studio | Wedding Photographer: North Shore, MA – Sabrina & Jose’s Story

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 Our Story,

Sabrina and Jose


There are two sides to every story. We believe that how we met is no different. I have my own way in which I like to tell the story, and so does Jose. Anytime we are asked about how we started this crazy journey we both tell the story. It’s the chiming in on different parts, or adding our own special touch, or finishing each other’s sentences that makes it special for us. To write the beginning of our story out for Lightshed Photography shouldn’t be any different than how we tell it to our loved ones, friends, and anyone we meet.


My friends and I planned on going into Boston for the night but plans changed when one of my friends got into a minor car accident. We decided not to head into the city but to go to a local bar instead. We headed to one in Salem in which I’ve been to numerous times but I’ve never planned on meeting someone at a bar. Well let’s face it; most people say it will never work out. So as the guys and I arrive at the bar we decide to head straight up stairs to the bartender that was a friend of mine, and knew exactly what I wanted. We walk upstairs and I look to my left over to the bartender and he gives me a nod to signal that he will get my drink ready. (From that second on little did I know that the one place I usually go out to was going to be the place that I would meet the woman that I would call my wife.) So as I glance back to the right where there are people dancing, I notice one thing and that is a pair of red pants. As the person turned around with a smile that made my heart race faster then a NASCAR engine. I was instantly drawn to her like a bull seeing red and couldn’t fight the urge but to talk to her. This was not normal for me. I always just kept to the guys and myself. I instantly grabbed my buddy and said, “dude what ever happens tonight I need to talk to this girl.” He laughed, “Shut up your drunk you never try to talk to anyone.” I looked at him with such a serious face, “I haven’t had anything to drink yet. I need you to get her girlfriend away from her so I can try and say something. I’m not leaving with out talking to her.” He agrees to help me. So as the night went on I kept my eye on her waiting for my chance. Whether it was freaking myself out, smacking my friend’s drink out of his hand, or seeing her talk to a guy friend of hers and thinking it was her boyfriend, I blew every opportunity to talk to her. Towards the end of the night with 10 minutes left I grabbed my friend by the back of his shirt and drag him away from a girl he was dancing with and said “This is it dude they are finally alone I’m not leaving with out talking to her.” As we walked over I started to freak out a little. That’s when she “accidently bumped” me. We began dancing and 10 seconds in she turned around so quick I instantly thought oh no, I did something wrong. Then she said, “I don’t want to sound creepy, but I’ve been staring at you all night.” I sighed, “ No, it’s not creepy at all I’ve been doing the same thing! I’ve been waiting for my chance to get to come say something to you.”  So we conversed for a few minutes and I told her about the air force and how I was leaving in about a month. We exchanged numbers and I texted her saying “ It’s Jose bald guy from the bar” because I didn’t want her to forget me. We hit it off tremendously. That feeling I had from the second I saw her that night never went away and that’s when I knew I had found my soul mate.


My friend wanted to go dancing and get a drink at a local bar in downtown Salem, so we did just that. I had been dancing away with my girlfriend when I saw this man walk up the stairs and head towards the bar. I was drawn to everything about this stranger; I’ve never felt that way before. I told my girlfriend I had to talk to him. I had no intention on meeting anyone but there was something about him I couldn’t stop thinking about. All night I looked around for the guy in a black shirt with a hat on, but I couldn’t find him. There was about 10 minutes left when my friends face lit up with this big girly smile, like the smile your friend gives you when they see you’re crush. She noticed that the man I had been looking for all night was right behind me! So, she came up with a plan, for me to “accidentally” bump into him. I follow through with this plan and I “accidentally” bumped into him. We had only been dancing for about 30 seconds, when I felt this urge to say, “ I don’t want to sound creepy, but I’ve been staring at you all night.” Yes, that’s exactly what I said and let me tell you it was very unlike me. Those were the first words that came out of my mouth to the man I would eventually call my husband. I have never in my life believed in love at first sight, but once I saw Jose I knew that it existed. I know that probably sounds totally cliché, but if you have experienced love at first sight you know how I felt seeing him. We immediately hit it off, and he wasn’t hesitant to say that he was leaving for the military in a couple of weeks, but in those weeks I found my soul mate. Everything worked out great for us and thankfully he didn’t think I was a creep after all!

Fast forward to the present, we are living in Germany and Jose and I got married on September 13, 2013. We got married at city hall and although we are already married Jose agreed to give me the wedding of my dreams in a couple years when we get back to the States!

We are happier than ever and hope you enjoyed our story!

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