Where Should You Get Your Headshots Done?

Where Should You Get Your Headshots Done?

Over the past ten years we’ve photographed thousands of headshots for tons of different professions; blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, CEOs, actors – you name the industry and we’ve had them in front of our lens.  Our last blog post discussed how we worked with folks, but this time we’ll cover the other big decision that is generally being made: having it done in our studio or on location at their business.

Many individuals come to us and either shoot inside the studio or out and about in downtown Salem ( our studio’s centralized downtown location provides for tons of variety within a ten minute walking distance ).  Folks that fit into this category generally include attorneys, real estate agents, CPAs, city officials, and actors.

Small to medium-sized companies ( 10 – 250 Employees ) generally contact us about on-location work.  The simple logistics of moving a company with employee numbers in the double-digits sometimes necessitates this conversation, but there are a few great reasons for having us come to you:

  • Relaxation.  Coming into a studio space with all of the professional equipment can be intimidating and adjusting to the new surroundings usually requires a warm-up period ( we had a professor in school that wouldn’t even load his camera for the first 24 portraits knowing full well that he wouldn’t get the results he wanted for at least 10-15 minutes ).
  • Convenience. As mentioned above, this one is sort of a no-brainer.  Organizing your entire staff to get them to travel to a studio can be daunting, and many mom and pop businesses that we work with don’t have a full-time dedicated marketing director or team to coordinate it.  Taking our studio to you eliminates that process.
  • Branding.  The headshots at the bottom of this article are from a recent commercial shoot we did with Sunrise Systems – their company designs and manufactures LED signage.  What a PERFECT opportunity to showcase what they do and customize the headshot session to reflect their products.  Our initial consult with you and your team can help determine the best way to showcase  your brand.

The good news it that whichever option you choose to go with, we can promise you’ll look good!  Give us a call at 978-854-5348 or email us at info@lightshedphoto.com and we can help guide you the the creative process!

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