Digital Landscaping – Real Estate Photography

Digital Landscaping – Real Estate Photography

Control the Curb Appeal

You won the listing and organized a perfect timeline, the interior is photo-ready and your client is eager to list, but a home improvement project is still unfinished an hour before photography – or Mother Nature did a number on the rose bushes this Summer — or the homeowner hasn’t ordered that storage unit you’ve been gently suggesting. Does this unfortunate situation sound familiar to you?

Rescheduling photography (and delaying the listing) due to a small hiccup when the timeline is already down to the wire is a huge frustration that won’t even cross your mind with digital landscaping in your toolbox. With a maximum 72-hour turnaround time for most projects, digital landscaping will keep your timeline on track and curb appeal control in your hands.

By default, we swap dreary skies for sunny ones and touch up lawns in every exterior photo. But what if the curb appeal needs to be even more appealing? From yard clean-up and paint touch-ups to landscape design and photoshopped swimming pools, digital landscaping can erase an eyesore, enhance what exists, or envision the potential that could be.

Do you have a home on deck being delayed by small exterior projects or clutter? Our digital tools may be able to expedite your to-do list so you can quickly get to the important part: marketing the listing!

Have a project that requires professional media services? A listing that needs photos ASAP? We’d love to earn your business! Reach out to (978) 854-5348 or email info@lightshedphoto.com.

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