Client Spotlight: Dareth Colburn

Client Spotlight: Dareth Colburn

We had the pleasure of working with Dareth a few weeks ago at her USA Bride HQ up in Beverly, MA.  In need of some branding material to follow her business’s upward trajectory, we spent a few hours capturing two different looks and a few different aspects of the many hats she wears each day.  Dareth’s story is pretty remarkable – as written in Forbes in 2012:

Her online business — started 8 years ago in her apartment when she was a single mother, unemployed, and $30,000 in debt — is pushing the $3 million revenue mark after only eight years and now includes her own jewelry designs.

Desperation was the mother of Colburn’s reinvention. Broke, she began selling wedding accessories online from her home. She started with 10 items; when one sold, she bought another. She steamed the veils while taking her shower, answered calls from brides between parenting duties. She had the option of going back into the corporate world but in a job that required more travel than she wanted.

… as they accomplish goals, they add new ones. Instead of paring down aspirations, as Colburn was taught to do, they expand them. Six months ago, $3 million in revenue seemed not realistic, she says, but now she’s thinking $5 million.

We’re so excited to have been part of Dareth’s journey – to see more of her designs, check out www.usabride.com !

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